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Throw ’em to the lions

Sharne Wolff ponders thumbs up – or down – for Leslie Rice’s second solo at Jan Murphy Gallery…

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Absolut Finale

In the finale of our Absolut Art Award coverage, Art Life editor Andrew Frost is given exclusive entry to a super-secret room, more free drinks than he knows what to do with, and is serenaded by the soundtrack of our lives…

Fully Sweded

“…all the pretty pretty boys she calls men.”

Judgement Year

Judgement Year

Art Life Jul 26, 2010

Invited to speak at the Australian Art Industry symposium at Melbourne University, Andrew Frost reflected on a year’s worth of judging art prizes…

Ask The Art Life #2

Barney Rubble asks: I’m thinking of entering an art competition, should I enter? The competition asks that I send a CV and/or an artist’s statement with my entry – is it wise to do so? Dear Barney: If the art

Just Say No

Just Say No

Interviews May 22, 2008

Adelaide-based artist Deidre But-Husaim entered a painting into the “Churchie“. With $10k prize money it’s an attractive purse… but certain policies of the exhibition organisers prompted the artist to take a stand against discrimination and make her feelings public… What’s

Archibald #2: So Close…

Del Kathryn Barton’sVasili Kaliman and contained familiar together within the Dreaming. Pros: Strikingly different, immaculately painted, spooky witchcraft! Cons: No one ever admits Archi voting is political, but it is… Percentage Chance of Win: 87% Cherry Hood’s Ben Quilty Pros:

Archibald #3: Middle Ranking

Robert Hannaford’s Tubes Pros: A nice change from wearing a t-shirt. Cons: He’s a big sexy bastard. Percentage Chance of Win: 40% Chris O’Doherty aka Reg Mombassa, Self portrait with high pants Pros: Lovely nod to John Brack, not a

Tammaramma Door Slammer

You go into something like this with good intentions. You want to like something and with so many people around you clearly having such a great time, you end up feeling like utter bastards for hating it so much. Yet

Beard Club For Men

A tour of the art prizes turns ugly.