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Get Paid $$$ To Write About Art

$1,000 in crisp new notes could be yours. And all you have to do is have an opinion.

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The Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

The contemporary art world has enough prizes for artists who don’t win them to be resentful for a lifetime.

Liam Benson, award winner

Liam Benson has won the 2012 Hawkesbury Art Prize. The $10,000 prize was awarded by a panel of judges which included Max Miller, artist; Emeritus Prof. Peter Pinson and artist, curator, activist and academic.

A New World in Chippendale

Live like a king – or queen.

Mosman Art Prize

There was a time when the Mosman Art Prize looked to be at risk of falling prey to what one commercial gallerist called ‘contemporary art fashion victims’.

Doug Moran Prize 2012

The Archibald Prize may be the more prestigious portrait prize, but who cares about that when the Doug Moran offers $150,000 cold hard cash to the winner.

Winners, Losers…

Winners, Losers…

Op-ed May 04, 2012

Guest blogger Halinka Orszulok attended the opening of the Redlands Westpac Art Prize and discovered the “Highlander rule” – there can only be one…

The People Vs Rodney Pople

Guest blogger Zoe Harrington takes another look at the Pople controversy and adds a little context…

Heads in The Sand

Rodney Pople’s win of the Glover Prize for Landscape Painting has exposed some glaring contradictions in the art world, argues Carrie Miller…



Reviews Sep 26, 2011

Here are the facts: Billie Rose won last year’s Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize. A year later the artists has a show with At The Vanishing Point. And releases a CD. Got it? Meredith Birrell tries to make sense of all the excitement…