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Illuminations: Video Music

Curated by Matthew Hopkins, Video Music explores the complex nature of sound and image in contemporary art through a range of screen based, projected, sculptural, and interactive works.

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Circular Settlements

Isobel Philip takes a stroll on the grass at Sian McIntyre‘s recent exhibition…

The Other Side

People under the stairs.

Phantasm #3

Visitors to the show are asked to assist the researchers in documenting what might be psychic apparitions of the undead…

Tony Ousler: Sculpture

It’s been said that Tony Oursler “freed video from the tyranny of the monitor” and his work explore ideas with the medium of video but without being restricted to the traditional ‘frame’ or screen.

New Work Friday #112

My Plastic City represents the annual consumption of one individual.

One Crowded Hour?

One Crowded Hour?

Reviews Apr 26, 2012

Sharne Wolff took a trip across the river to Brisbane’s IMA and Mikala Dwyer’s recent solo show…

1:26… the day’s already too short.

Din Heagney talks to visiting US-artist Janet Echelman about her sculptural practice, one that has moved deep into techno-collaborative waters and right across the Pacific…


Meredith Birrell takes a peek behind the curtain…

Postcard from London

Think of London, a small city, dark, dark in the daytime… Rather than sleeping in the day time Din Heagney, The Art Life’s roving International affairs editor, got out of the house and down to the Tate Modern. He writes…