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New York Postcard: Palpable Determination

“Visceral, grotesque male figures that inhabit lurid, technicolour environments…”

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New York Postcard: The Living Dead

I’m not out to bury the dead; let them live, I say.

New York Postcard: Layered Realities

“Up high, on the ground, the tags are all over Brooklyn and Manhattan.”

New York Postcard:  A Monumental Idea

“If I am honest, the almost pathological need to engage with art in one way or another every day is no longer what drives me…”

New York Postcard: Boho Altars

“It’s not so much psychedelic as surreal…”

New York Postcard: From the Sublime

Does the object chew up the scenery? Does it add to or subtract from the landscape? Is it arm-wrestling the composition?

New York Postcard: The Changing Face of the Empire

In 2014, I had the good fortune to live in an all-glass, fifty-ninth-floor apartment next to the Empire State Building for a year.

New York Postcard: Utopian Ideals

“A hyper-capitalist dystopia of opulent, abandoned environments littered with the refuse of better days…”

New York Postcard: Between Reality and Vision

There is connection to the real, but at the same time to the unreal.

New York Postcard: Camp America

Leisure spaces of prisoners and guards, the commodification of American military power…