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Long live the new flesh: Lisa McCleary’s sci-fi surfaces

Lisa McCleary discusses her upcoming solos show at Gallery MC, eroticism, surfaces, sci-fi and insane amounts of hard work…

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Awfully Wonderful

Awfully Wonderful: Science Fiction in Contemporary Art explores a spectrum of seductive, terrifying and fantastic potential futures. The exhibition presents new and existing work by eleven Australian artists including time machines, handmade robots, meteorological instruments, interplanetary communication devices, a mars

The Edge of the Void

Isobel Philip observes the collateral of the space age collected by Adam Norton in his latest show at Gallery 9…



Movies Aug 02, 2010

Ian Shadwell wonders whether Inception is great entertainment or an over-inflated pseudo-profound hodgepodge – or maybe both?

The Bloop

The Bloop

Media , Music Jun 15, 2010

Several times during 1997, a sound reverberated through the Pacific Ocean that has been a mystery to science ever since. Dubbed “the Bloop”, the sound rises rapidly in frequency over one minute and was loud enough to be picked up by multiple sensors located up to 5,000km apart…

Art Life @PechaKucha: The man in the high castle

The Art Life’s editor Andrew Frost was invited to take part in a PechaKucha nite hosted by Super Deluxe at Artspace. With a brief that stated “talk about anything you like” Frost spoke on the work of author Philip K. Dick and the recurring themes that spread from his novels, into Hollywood movies, and then into mainstream culture…

Fly me to the moon?

The Art Life’s senior Melbourne correspondent Din Heagney takes a bold step in to the unknown…

Neuromancer might just get made after all

“If it can be imagined, it can be filmed,” is a quote often attributed to Stanley Kubrick. In recent years, film-makers have proved him both right and wrong. Last year, I felt Zack Snyder made a more than decent bash

There is no there there

Matt Logue is a Los Angeles based artist, photographer and animator. After working for the Tippett Studio – and spending three years in New Zealand on the Lord of The Rings trilogy – he returned to the US to pursue

Beyond The Edge

Some months back we posted an image by Ross Racine. After the artist got in touch to ask us to let readers know that he has new work available on his web site, we asked if he’d agree to a