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PavModern – Mary Lou Pavlovic’s world straddling art gallery-come-museum-without-walls – has an Educational Unit. According to the PM web site, the Unit looks “at things we think are overlooked in the broader art world, and make them prominent.” As part of the exciting build up for the Jake Chapman lecture tour, an interview by Jennifer McCamley on the artist’s collaborative process was posted on the web site complete with this scintillating intro:

“ I was asked to undertake an e-mail interview with Jake Chapman for two reasons: firstly, because I was an artist who has worked collaboratively with another artist (Janet Burchill) for many years and secondly, because I have frequently expressed to Mary-Lou Pavlovic a host of dissatisfactions in relation to the art world in general, and especially the Australian art world. […] The ‘finished’ interview is more fragmentary in style than I had initially intended or ever desired. The e-mail exchange between Jake Chapman and myself extended over a number of weeks- there were often days between his answer and my next question, and occasionally vice versa. I would also ask a question relating to one area and then loop back to an earlier area. There were some areas which I touched on to which I intended to return and didn’t, and other areas which I wanted to ask about and never got around to (due to time management deficit disorder on my part).

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