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Art Life May 17, 2004 No Comments

A Jerry Williams of Sierra Leone has written to The Art Life and begins his letter thusly:

“Cher Monsieur,

“Je suis Mr JERRY WILLIAMS le fils de l’ancien chef PAUL WILLIAMS de la SIERA LEONNE . La source de votre contact me donne le courage et la confiance de me confier vous. Je vous écris avec une confiance absolue premirement pour demander votre assistance pour transferer notre liquidité de ($20,000,000usd) de dollar qui actuellement se trouve dans le coffre fort d’une compagnie de securité ici en Abidjan dans votre compte personnel jusqua notre arrivé dans votre pays.”

For The Art Life to receive a handsome percentage of the $20 million all we have to do is let Jerry have access to our personal bank accounts. Once he’s transferred the $20 mill, all we have to do is sit back and cream off the percentage and he does the rest. Shall we give Jerry a go? We could use the money to make The Art Life a going concern!

Meanwhile, Rodney Love writes to us asking for our help. He wants our old socks and yours too…

“Do you have any socks that you could donate to an art project? Socks with holes in them? Unfashionable socks? Odd socks? Unwearable novelty socks?”

Rodney Love is a Sydney artist who is doing his masters at the NSW University College of Fine Arts and he wants people to donate socks to his special sock art project. He’s taking the socks, weaving them into panels of socks and arranging the panels in such a way that people can see whose socks belong to whom.

“The work is a form of memorial, but one in which the participants are all living. The work examines the nature of memorials and monuments, and their role in society. Who and what does society choose to commemorate? And by what means? The work also examines notions of group formation, and the way identity is often formed through inclusion in arbitrary groups.”

Call us an arbitrary group!

If you wish to donate some socks, please post them to: Rodney Love, PO BOX 547,

Kings Cross, NSW, 1340
. To find out more about this exciting new art project, Rodney also has a web site and we encourage all readers of The Art Life to visit it.

In another part of the world called Goulburn, a place which has a very good milk bar called The Blue and White Café that does an outstanding hamburger (with beetroot) and chips, there’s also the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.

Kathy Cavaliere, who has been in Italy for ages, comes back to do a performance there, and install an installation and do some video and photography as well. The show is called Suspended Moment and is on from May 29 to June 19. Perhaps you could work it in to a trip to Canberra? You can also see what Kathy’s been up to at her web site. We encourage all readers of The Art Life to visit it.

Andrew Frost

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