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March of The Penguins

Dear Art Life, For your information and to clarify some apparent misunderstandings appearing on the thread discussion in regard to the Shaun Gladwell project at Artspace, Sherman Galleries did not ‘put up the money to stage what must have been

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While You Were Out

We’ve recently received a number of emails and comments asking us to do things, add links to our site or make various admissions. For example, a reader known only as Cruiser asked in a typically demanding yet lovable way: Maybe

Missing Matter

Missing Matter

Stuff Sep 10, 2006

Some things we get right and some things we get wrong. A couple of weeks back when we reviewed Lionel Bawden’s show Dark Matter at GrantPirrie we stated that dark matter was a theoretical form of matter devised by cosmologists

Art Penis Max Load $1 Million Lottery!

Dear The Art Life RE: PRIZE NOTIFICATION. We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Art Penis Max Load $1 Million Lottery of the striker million lotto held. The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an

Mailbag # 4: The East Is Red

We is Simon Barney.

Strapping On The Old Mailbag

A Jerry Williams of Sierra Leone has written to The Art Life and begins his letter thusly: “Cher Monsieur, “Je suis Mr JERRY WILLIAMS le fils de l’ancien chef PAUL WILLIAMS de la SIERA LEONNE . La source de votre