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  1. Take two steps back from your starting point, walk up, then begin…
  2. Ennunciate your words clearly, try not to slur or mumble.
  3. Don’t squint even in bright sunshine or when looking into the wind.
  4. When searching for a point to emphasise, insert the word “fuck” into your rehearsal. This will add natural emphasis – but don’t forget to take the word “fuck” out again!
  5. Try to end each “piece to camera” [PTC] on a point of emphasis so you can avoid the “goose face”.
  6. Just remembering the words in the script is only half the job – the other half is getting them in the right order, putting the correct emphasis on the key points and ending with a sense of purpose.
  7. Speak at twice the speed you’d normally talk at because otherwise you’ll look as though you’re drugged, drunk or falling asleep.
  8. Try not to wave your hands around – try putting them in your pockets, holding the little finger of the left hand with the right hand, or let them hang loosely at your sides.
  9. If the director asks you to do one more take “for us”, what he/she means is that you messed up the last one.
  10. If the director asks you to go “ten percent bigger” what he/she means is that you should talk louder, add comical emphasis while imagining you are a reporter on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World.
  11. Remember, tape is cheap, so you can do as many takes as you want – but only up to the point where the crew are getting restless.
  12. When shooting a PTC in a public place, people will naturally be curious about what you’re doing.
  13. If somone asks you “what are you doing?” – try to be polite, don’t say “what does it fucking look like?” or “who the fuck are you?”
  14. Always remember – your “inner critic” is a fool.
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