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Podcast and Apologies…

We’re the 2,537th most popular podcast

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Tick tick BOOM

Tick tick BOOM

Site News Jul 25, 2011

Tick tick boom.

A very special greeting for 2011

While you’ve been sleeping, we’ve been tinkering.

See you on the flip side

A duck walks into a bar…

Keeping in touch with The Art Life

How to, what to do, Twitter…

The Art Life on DVD

It’s official – The Art Life Season One is now available on DVD*. A bargain at $39.95 [including p&p] the DVD features the complete Art Life series screened on ABC1. Packaged in a handsome plastic-look DVD box with cover art

Have Yourselves A Merry Little

…which brings us suddenly and unexpectedly to the end of the year. 2007 will be, for us, the year that The Art Life made its debut on TV. It was an emotionally tumultuous process, from big ups to low, low

Win a potato reminder

If we win the potato – what will we do with it? Shall we mash it with mustard? Bake it and serve with butter and chopped bacon? Or shall we dice it into chips and fry in oil??? This is

The The Art Life Life

We’re on the other side of the old order of things and the world suddenly seems like a better place. As the blood letting continues we are once again reminded not so much of an election but of the end

“Five Stars – Simply The Greatest TV Art Show Ever Made!” – Sunday Life Magazine

A Year In The Art Life, ABC TV, Tuesday November 13th at 10pm.