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Opening Wednesday 21 Nov, 6 – 8pm.
Thursday 22 Nov to Saturday 15 Dec, 1 – 6pm
At Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville 2204

Variation on a still point 19, 2007.
pencil on paper 14.5 x 20.5 cm

Aitken is interested in expanding the inventive and formal aspects of the line and the grid through painting and installation.

Monuments of Nothingness has an uncertain vision of the structured grid. This vision has indeterminacy, ambiguity and irrationality, a combination that ultimately leads to non-structure.

Repetition is a condition of action before it is a concept of reflection. We produce something new only on condition that we repeat.

Monuments of Nothingness will expand the expectation of perception of vision, leading to a new ability to see something in the nothing.

Factory 49 Director Pam Aitken BVA(HONS), MVA
Showroom 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville, Sydney 2204
Hours Thurs – Sat, 1 – 6 pm (+61) 2 9572 9863


Trevelyan Clay
My Megalith
13th – 17th November 2007
Opening 13th 6-8PM
3rd Floor, 167 Flinders Lane,

Melbourne 3000. (03) 9663-4991.
Tues-Sat 12.00 to 6.00

Trevelyan Clay’s unpretentious approach to painting characterizes his work which is chaotic, humorous and full of movement. Since bursting onto the Melbourne art scene late last year he has added new energy and possibilities to painting in terms of both expression and content. My Megalith is Clay’s second solo exhibition in Melbourne, and continues his dialogue with the Australian landscape and it’s relation to cultural identity. His approach is risky; appropriating the markings that relate to the cultural property of indigenous communities is not a politically correct gesture.

But through this Clay makes a bold statement: the landscape is mine to interpret too. The paintings are executed in a fierce and eye-catching manner; the colours are vibrant and applied in big strokes, giving the work a deliberately childish and chaotic quality. The conspicuous expanses of colour render the painting flat and without illusionistic depth that adds to the naïve impression, yet allude to a metaphysical space that reconciles seemingly irreconcilable epochs.

Trevelyan Clay was born in the UK in 1982 and graduated from the Canberra School of Art in 2005. Since then he has exhibited at Stark White Gallery, Auckland, Neon Parc, Melbourne and CCAS, Canberra. His work is held in various public and private collection in Australia and New Zealand including the Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery, Toi o Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand; Peter Fay Collection, Sydney; Australian National University Collection, Canberra; Artbank, The Ergas Collection, Sydney, Joyce Nissan Collection, Melbourne.

For more information, interviews and print-ready images contact: Tristian Koenig +61 3 96630911 +61 415 297 037



Magmart | video under volcano, international videoart festival.

From October 2007 to February 2008, will take place the 3rd edition of Magmart | video under volcano, international videoart festival.

The Festival is realized in partnership with CAM – Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, and with the patronage of the Province of Naples.

Magmart festival’s online media sponsor is the art news portal Marmart festival’s broadcast media sponsor is the tv channel insu^tv.

The Festival activity begins on October 10 with the publishing of the call for participation, and will end with final event, scheduled for February, 23/24 2008, at CAM: On February 23, for the screening of 30 videos selected by Jury, in coordination with other artistic events. On February 24, 2008, the selected videos – which become part of permanent collection of Museum – will be screened on loop for the Museum’s visitors.


The Festival is open to all international video artists. Participation is free. The Festival is dedicated exclusively to video art, and don’t suggest any particular theme. Between all submitted videos, will be done a final selection based on vote of a Jury composed by experts. The 30 selected artworks will become part of CAM permanent collection. All sended materials don’t will be return, and will be stored in the Festival’s archive like documentation.
Sending the participation form, the artist accept fully the present rules. The Jury verdict is incontestable.

The artist accept that his/her own videos will be broadcasted online and offline, on site and on tv channel insu^tv; he/she accept that, if selected, the video become part of permanent collection of CAM, and should be freely screened within Museum rooms. All the videos, selected or not, can be screened in any other place or event related to Festival, online or offline, with exclusion of any commercial use. Still-frame from videos can be freely used for the Festival communication, mentioning title and author of artwork. All rights on videos remain property of author. The author assert, under his/her own liability, the complete right of use on used materials (images, sounds, videos) and that compose the artwork; the author undertake
completely the liability for any breach of copyright laws.

To participate is necessary fill out the form available online, on official website of Festival. The omission, or the incorrect filling, of one or more parts of form itself, will involve the exclusion of video by selection of Jury. Will be accepted only the videos received within midnight of December, 31 2007. The shipment bill are on the back of author. The possible selection by Jury is in any case subordinate at an essential condition for the proclaim of winners: the author of selected video must send, via ordinary mail, and within midnight of January, 15 2008, the donation act to CAM of the copy of his/her own video, downloadable from official website of Festival. This donation act don’t underlie in any way a transfer of right, but certify exclusively the willingness of author so that a copy of his/her own video artwork will be permanently keeped – and, with limitations above, utilized – in the permanent collection of CAM.

Without this donation act, the videos will be rule out by group of 30 selected artworks, and replaced by those immediately subsequent in Jury’s ranking. Any author can participate with max 5 videos.

The videos must be fully realized with digital tech.
The videos must be sent in format .mpeg or .mov (PAL); any other format will be rejected.
The max length of videos don’t must surpass 10 minutes.
The videos must be accompanied by participation form fully and correctly compiled.
The videos must be accompanied by a still-frame from video itself, in format .jpg, and with dimension not less than 400 px X 300 px.
The videos must have a quality (dimension, resolution) good for a public screening, without any further shipping of an high-res copy. Suggested size is 720px X 576px; minimum size required is 640px X 480px.
If the video is a shooting of a performance, this must be fully visible within video length.

Is possible to send required materials for participation (video, form, image) in two ways:
– online | Filling out the form, before midnight of December, 31 2007. In the form, must be indicate an URL http or ftp for downloading the video (i.e.: and the still-frame from video (i.e.:; is possible to utilize a service for big files transfer. The video and the image must be effectively available at indicated URL within the deadline.
– offline | After fully filled out the form online, the image and the video must be sent via ordinary mail or carrier at the address that will be communicate via email after online submission. The files must be on digital support (CD-Rom or DVD), Mac/Win or Windows compatible.

The jury is composed by:
Giuseppe De Marco – Mediavox
Luca Magnoni – Journalist / Creative Director
Antonio Manfredi – Artistic Director of CAM
Arseny Sergeyev – Curator of Outvideo Festival
Enrico Tomaselli – Artistic Director of Festival

For informations:

Andrew Frost

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