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“Our fifth artist was Selina Ou, a photographer based in Sydney, who has spent time living and working in China and Japan.”

“Jonathan Jones is… an installation artist based in Sydney, represented by Barry Keldoulis Gallery, Sydney.”

“Virginia Hilyard, a screen artist based in Sydney, has made and exhibited screen and installation works nationally and internationally since 1985.”

“Todd McMillan is an artist based in Sydney. He was a recipient of the 2006 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, Artspace, Sydney.”

“Jennifer works predominantly with large pieces, many of which are commissioned. Based in Sydney, she creates works of art that in turn create houses with soul.”

“As an international artist based in Sydney, Australia and Mainz, Germany, Milanda de Mont works in the directions of abstraction and painting performance.”

“James Powditch is a sculptor based in Sydney, Australia. His mixed media assemblages are constructed from both old and new timbers, various metals, cloth, glass and found objects.”

“Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of www.artmarketblog.com.”

“Vanila Netto is based in Sydney, and has exhibited in Spain, China and the United States, as well as in Australia. She creates photographic scenarios inspired by pop art, low-tech materials, science fiction, architecture and design.”

“A.D.S. Donaldson has had more than 40 one-person exhibitions throughout Australia and Europe. Based in Sydney, he is currently undertaking a doctorate on the subject of Australian modernist expatriate artist Mary Webb.”

Sydney-based artist Shane Haseman is also doctoral candidate in art history at the University of Sydney. He has exhibited in artist-run galleries throughout Sydney…”

“Lisa Kelly is a Sydney based artist who imagines making, writing & project coordination as active tangents within an expanded dimension of artistic practice.”

“Blair French has been based in Sydney since 1995 working extensively as a curator, writer and lecturer in the fields of contemporary art and theory.”

“Julian Meagher is a contemporary Australian artist based in Sydney. His work challenges the notion of personality by addressing the relationship between the internal and external workings of the body.”

“The Australian-Chinese artist is based in Sydney.”

“Kate Hennessy is a freelance writer and editor based in Sydney…”

“Damian Castaldi is an established sound artist currently based in Sydney.”

Sydney based artist Mathieu Gallois has created projects that utilise the forms and processes of tv and print media, and the illusory possibilities of cinema special effects.”

Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, I make hand-crafted, original mosaic art.”

“Monika Tichacek is an installation artist based in Sydney.”

“Victoria Hynes is a Sydney-based arts writer and columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald.”

“Melanie Foster, an emerging artist based in Newtown…”

“Born in England, Carolyn is now based in Sydney…”

“Julian Dashper will be based in Sydney from late March working as artist in residence at the Sydney College of Fine Arts.”

“TV Moore is an artist based in Sydney and Los Angeles…”

“She has been travelling to China, buying and commissioning art for seven years, and she is being advised by Wang Zhiyuan, a Chinese artist based in Sydney.”

“Lucas Ihlein is an artist based in Sydney.

“Alex Gawronski is a Sydney based artist and writer. Curiously, his interest in sound has at times also intersected with his interest in locomotion (and the cinematic).”

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