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Broke (brõk)

v. Past tense of break -adj. Informal; Bankrupt.

The Carlton Hotel & Studios

Opening Thursday 24th January 2008 6-8pm (Bar open from 4pm)


Andrew Atchison

Danielle Karalus

Marcus Keating

Pip Shea

Glenn Walls

January 21st till Febuary 5th 2008

Wednesday to Saturday 4:00pm to 7:00pm

The Carlton Hotel & Studios

Upper Levels

193 Bourke St (between Swanston & Russell St)

Melbourne 3000

03 9663 3246

Melways Ref 1B Q5

Tram Routes 86 /96 stop number 6

Full colour Catalogue available with essays from:

Fenella Kernebone-ABC Sunday Arts, Rebecca Coates– Adjunct Curator at Australian Centre of Contemporary Art (ACCA), Meredith Turnbull-Victorian College of the Arts Gallery

Broke brings together 5 artists whose works confront our conventional perceptions of what it means to be producing work in a global environment.

It is an exhibition that reflects the issues we deal with in our daily lives, not just as artists but also as individuals who, like everyone else, confront the real challenges of surviving in a deteriorating world.

The title refers to a number of ideas surrounding our current social climate that have been broken or are devoid of physical function or emotional association.

The artists in this exhibition have been selected because of the ways in which their practices address these concepts.

Broke is something missing, something that needs to be fixed.

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Stephen Hodge, Agatha Goth-Snape and Leslie Rice

17th January to 3rd February 2008
opening Thursday 17.01.08 6-8 pm


Building Walls/Burning Bridges

Stephen Hodge

The paintings of Stephen Hodge follow the loose trajectory of the ‘bad painting’ concept. What that concept is exactly is seldom made clear. It can appear to be a mere play with ‘cool’ irony, such as what titillates the younger generations of today, though Hodge’s works seem to distance themselves from such obvious irony. In Hodge’s ideal, paintings must exist, but how they come to fruition is a purely transitory and varying process. That strict rules are formed and followed for one piece, then completely ignored and revoked for another.


Relax Your Mind

Agatha Gothe-Snape

Relax Your Mind

Relax your Mind

There was a man.
He went to the railroad tracks. And he forgot to come back.
Sometimes you should have relaxed your mind.

AGS, 2007


Heroes of Christian Martyrdom #1 – Daniel

Leslie Rice

One must never lose faith.

…And when he came to the lion’s den, he cried with a lamentable voice unto Daniel; and the king spake and said to Daniel, ‘O Daniel, servant of the living God, is thy God, whom thou servest continually, able to deliver thee from the lions?’ – Daniel 6 : 20

They will tell you that you are wrong to believe; that you are a fool to have faith. You too will be cast into the den for your convictions, but you must never lose hope. There are others who share your beliefs; there are others whose faith is as strong. Let these Images of faith in the face of adversity provide hope’n’lite to you when all around is dark.

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Exhibition Opportunity:

Australia Day Special: Re-membering Cultural Diversity

24 January – 10 February 2008

At The Vanishing Point – Contemporary Art invites artists to submit artwork for the Summer 2008 Show Of The Season titled – Australia Day Special:Re-membering cultural diversity to be held from 24 January – 10 February2008.

Artists are asked to respond to the phrase ‘Re-membering Cultural Diversity’. This exhibition seeks to celebrate the diversity of cultures in Australia;

– by presenting any artist whose artwork/s are engaged in themes of culture, diversity, migrant / refugee experiences, indigenous Australia, multicultural Australia.

– by presenting artists from indigenous, migrant or refugee backgrounds,or by artists whose parents come from a migrant or refugee background.

ATVP – Contemporary Art
565 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 95192340
0430 083 364

Andrew Frost

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