"I see spots, some are smeared, some are not"

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“I am writing to you about an event that I thought the art life might be interested in posting about. On Saturday 28th March at the Dendy Opera Quay in Sydney, I went to see the film ‘I adore myself’ (which was wonderful) about the life of Yayoi Kasuma, who as you probably already know, currently has a large retrospective show at the MCA and is a well known contemporary artist from Japan. After the screening, the audience was told by the cinema to wait in their seats. Then in a few minutes something bizarre and amazing happened. Yayoi Kasuma herself made a brief appearance, beautiful in her pink and black polka-dots and bright pink wig. She slowly walked into the cinema theatre and bowed a few times while the audience clapped and then quickly left. The audience and I didn’t know quite what to do, so we stayed in our seats for a while thinking that she would return, but alas it was a quirky and short appearance. It was an amazing and surprising event, as strange and unique as her character. After the event, the audience was bursting with discussion about her quirkiness and why she came. It seemed to me to be a modest tribute to her fans. I luckily had my handy digital camera with me, and took a photo of her from my seat, but only managed to get a wide-angle shot, but have attached it for you in case your keen to put it up. Thanks – Liz Sherman.”

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