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Amy Marjoram writes to The Art Life about an exciting new online project. Starting life as the exhibition Mod Off held in Melbourne last month the project has now migrated to a blog and hopes to collect the work of artists dedicated to finding new uses for old things with slight [or complex] modifications.

From the Mod Off site:

“Mod Off is now going to exist as an ongoing online archive of Modified Objects.

“In curating the Mod Off exhibition we were consistently surprised by the Mods we encountered, some were simple others incredibly complex – but they all challenged our expectations about objects, the way we relate to them, and many pushed our ideas of what a Mod can be. We look forward to the continuation of this exciting project and hope you will show us your Mods. Please email with images and any descriptions you have, please include your name as maker of the Mod (or mark as Unknown if you have witnessed a Mod of uncertain provenance) and the person who took the image.

“We will not re-post Mod’s that people have come across online but we are happy to hear about Mod’s on the internet that may expand our research. We immensely look forward to seeing the objects you have made or encountered & identified as Mods in your daily life.

Thankyou, Amy Marjoram & Yvette King”

Visit the Mod Off blog

The Art Life

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