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Was John Kelly – artist and occasional Art Life correspondent – actually at the 2009 Venice Biennale? We may never know, but his powers of prescience are amazing [ see here for his preview review of the Australian representation]. In a curious follow up, Kelly has written on the adventures of one Inspector Kellouseau, art detective at the palaces of kunst:

Kellouseau saw it but could not believe it. He whispered to Brigitte. “Do not be alarmed but a ‘bum’ is in the Great Barrier Reef.”

“Oh no, Jean, a bomb?”

“No, not a bomb, a bum.”

Brigitte saw it, a beautifully shaped bum at one end of the installation. “Ooh Jean, you are so observant.”

Ken Yonetani, Sweet Barrier Reef (detail), 2005.
S, 160 x 1200 x 600 cm, installation view, Artspace, Sydney; photo Darren Hopton.
Courtesy the artist / Dianne Tanzer Gallery

Kellouseau saw more sugary genitalia and realization struck him. “Ah, it is OK, dear, I forget we are in Italia and representations of genitalia, no problem, excuse um moi.”

You can read more of Kellouseau’s adventures at Circa Art Magazine.

Ken Yonetani‘s sugar sculptures were included in the exhibition Once Removed curated by Felicity “Flic” Fenner. Our attention has been directed to this curious video in which Fenner explains the intricacies of curating the show:

Andrew Frost

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