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808.838 / grandfather paradox
13 August – 10 September 2010

Ms&Mr recast the celluloid bodies of Richard’s infant self and his deceased grandfather; found suspended in the moratorium of the family archive. They are recalibrated in an act which literalises the theoretical loop of the grandfather paradox. It is part resuscitation, and part autoinfanticide horror. Ms&Mr transpose the family library with the ideas of Nikolai Fyodorov, a 19th century Russian librarian, who’s philosophy of Resuscitative Resurrection predates the cosmism he inspired.

AMYGDALA – Fear Conditioning
Samuel James
13 August – 10 September 2010

A collection of live performance video projections, multiplied into a distorted archive. Sense is derived through devolution in a media echo chamber with artifice layered upon artifice. This expression is similar to the human amygdala – the component of the brain that deals with memory and emotion, and is associated with fear-conditioning. Twenty separate performance works are appropriated, second and third orders of the video image are built in, giving as much definition to reproduction as the original and are seen as memory of performance as real life.

Gallery Projects
13 August – 1 August 2010
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