How do I submit material to The Art Life?

Art Life May 03, 2010 3 Comments

The Art Life happily accepts promotional material for exhibitions, performances, screenings, openings and festivals for posting on our site. We give priority to non-commercial galleries such as artist run initiatives, museums and public galleries, shows by emerging artists or just about any interesting project.

We post one or two exhibition invitations a day for the information of members and guests here at The Art Life. It’s a bit like winning the meat tray at the club – you’ve got to be in it to win it.

To promote your exhibition or event we need an image and text rather than just a JPEG of your invitation, so send us text in an email with an image attached – PDFs are OK too.

Send your material to: [the art life [at] hot mail dot com]

If you’re from a commercial gallery and would like to post something to The Art Life perhaps you’d like to consider advertising on the site via our Ad Squares [see top left of the main page]. Our rates are super cheap and an ad can last for as long as six months. Advertising helps us pay for the costs of running the site and you could rest easy at night with the knowledge that you’re supporting the only genuine participatory art democracy on the web.

Andrew Frost


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  2. Can I be addedd to the list of artists if possible. Thanks

  3. Marco

    Who’s the old dear in the massive hat?

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