New Work Friday #70

New Work Dec 03, 2010 No Comments

“Barbara Knezevic is an artist based in Dublin, Ireland working in sculptural installation. Knezevic posits objects as a means of working out, a probe with which to test the viability of ideas. Her sculptural ‘studies’ encompass elements that veer from the handmade and unique to the mass produced and ubiquitous, configured in a way that often produce a sense of unease. Central to the artists’ interests is the consideration of how value and meaning is constructed through objects; simultaneously through their complex inter-relationships with each other, the viewer and the environment. The artist proposes objects as carriers of psychological meaning and points to the failures inherent in objecthood. Collectively, these works offer a consideration of transience; objects and meanings are presented as temporary, fragile, unstable, vulnerable and fundamentally contested – ” Barbara Knezevic currently showing at Kings ARI.

Got new work you’d like to share? Send images [no larger than 350k and 500x500px each] and a short statement about the work to: the art life at hot mail dot com.

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