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Long live the new flesh: Lisa McCleary’s sci-fi surfaces

Lisa McCleary discusses her upcoming solos show at Gallery MC, eroticism, surfaces, sci-fi and insane amounts of hard work…

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New Work Friday #205

“Using a science fiction lens, I explore possible futuristic landscapes and creatures inhabiting contaminated coastal ecosystems.New forms of hybrid flora and fauna emerge; mutated corals that are half scleractinian, half plastic, dystopian creatures that remind us of our indifference now and for hundreds of years into the future…”

New Work Friday #200

Gab Bates, ‘Developer Catcher’ (based on a traditional Voodoo ‘Devil Catcher’), W65cmxD65cmxH80cm, foraged & anointed sticks, bones, beads, coins, Inner West soil, cocain and the spittle of an angry young female artist at a council meeting. Gab Bates, ‘House Protection

Sculpture 2013

An art school lecturer once remarked to me that the problem with sculpture is that it takes up a lot of room.

Li Hongbo: Pure White Paper

Li Hongbo is a master of the medium of paper sculpture.

Michelle Nikou

Michelle Nikou’s works sit somewhere between the surreal and the ‘readymade’.

Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize

We like our contemporary art to be big…

Chart: Works by Anne Graham and Tony Scott

Luise Guest investigates the great sculptural metaphor…

New Work Friday #118

“Each piece created is completely temporal, subject to the weathering effects of rain and wind and are a joy to create because they are not constrained by the boundaries of an enclosed gallery space.”

Inside Australia

Sharne Wolff takes a trip out west to take a look at some very lonely figures…