No Artist Is An Island

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The exhibition No Artist Is An Island is the result of a four month, long distance dialogue held between three emerging artists – Liam Benson, Lucas Grogan and Belinda Howden. Between their three cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle, the online relationship covered a range of topics including cultural identity and our colonial history.

“Each artist has used an investigation into personal identity as a way of exploring what it means to be Australian today,” says curator and artist Belinda Howden.

“In a nation obsessed with beach culture and the coast Liam has explored an iconic cliff-side site, the Bogey Hole. Caught on digital video he plays out a dangerous seduction synonymous with Sirens. Lucas on the other hand counteracts this by producing something of a security blanket. His embroidered quilt titled True Blue Babe is testimony to his undying love for a nation created from scraps, off-cuts and castaways.” Howden’s photographic series of self-portraits sits happily between the two. Donning beards crafted from Australian native flowers, works such as Cpt. No Beard and Bluegum Beard example a self-effacing romance with the island nation.

Please join us for an opening night performance by Liam Benson and Lucas Grogan. 6pm 19 November 2010

No Artist Is An Island
19 November – 5 December 2010
The Lock-Up Cultural Centre
90 Hunter Street Newcastle NSW

Andrew Frost

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  1. Brother Bernardine

    Yes it time this island nation of Australia had it’s own particular flavour and style of art and culture.
    As we are a unique blend of all cultures that pass through, however we never seem to appreciate our own unique style. So I welcome you to bring fresh ideas to this nation, as we are far too wrapped up in sport, and beach culture and need to grow to fullness, and show the world what we can achieve in our way!

    Br B ..+++

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