Phantom Direction

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galleryeight is proud to present Phantom Detection, a new photographic exhibition by Sydney based artist Valentina Schulte.

Please join us for drinks with the photographer Friday 30th April from 6pm. Phantom Detection is part of the official Head On photo festival program for 2010.

This new work celebrates the idea of the Shinto belief that there is a Kami or spirit in all things relating to the natural world. From the smallest creature to the largest fixture in the landscape some include water, rock, tree and mountain, there are hundreds if not thousands of natural elements that have a kami. This work is inspired by the spirits of natural elements represented in the Miyazaki animated film Spirited Away. Within the setting of a traditional Japanese bathhouse radish, wind and river spirits are given personality and physical form and can go to relax after a hard days work. It centres around the idea that the kami can be watched in their natural environment similar to a nature documentary. We watch them in acts of their everyday happenings but are unaware of our presence.

Schulte’s work is represented in collections in Hong Kong, Norway and Denmark as well as around Australia.

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