Something in the air

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Something in the air:
collage and assemblage in Canberra region art

19 June to 10 October 2010

Something in the air is an exhibition showcasing the work of forty artists, thirty-four of them with close ties to the Canberra region. It includes found and reworked materials such as guitars, bicycle wheels, vinyl records, sheep skulls, stuffed animals, dominoes, pencils, plastic toys, gloves, socks, shoe lasts, lino, crockery, footballs, blankets, shovels, gas bottles, window frames, plastic bags, beer cans, drinking
glasses, boomerangs, leaves, petals, picnic plates, maps, chairs and farm machinery.

This exhibition looks at the prevalence of collage and assemblage art forms in the Canberra region and traces the influence of the National Gallery of Australia collections of innovative international and
Australian art in shaping that visual language. Artists represented in Something in the air include Rosalie Gascoigne, Neil Roberts, Alex Asch, Vivienne Binns, Anna Eggert, Marie Hagerty, Steven Holland, Ingo Kleinert, Waratah Lahy, Richard Larter, Derek O’Connor, Danie Mellor, Michael Taylor, Andrew Townsend and Peter Vandermark.

Curators: Deborah Clark & Mark Van Veen

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