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A collection of surreal perspectives

Thursday, October 14, 6pm

Through the love for kaleidoscopes and underwater photography, Easlinn reflects a determination to recreate the lucid moments that defines the presence and questions reality. A constant thread through his art is the beauty and moods of the ocean, usually with a surreal play on perception.

Okar’s work depicts raw glimpses into parallel worlds of wonder, elusive yet accessible. He calls his photographs “these beautiful accidents that only happen when the two worlds I live in collide”.

LO-FI Collective is Sydney’s newest amazing pop-up gallery where the artists get to use the space for FREE and get 100% of the proceeds from pieces sold – a rarity in this city. Please support us, we are only around for another two months!

LO-FI Collective, above LO-FI Bar, 383 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst.

Lo-Fi Collective

Andrew Frost

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