But wait there’s more #2

But Wait There's More Dec 12, 2011 1 Comment

Number two in an occasional series highlighting the best of Australian art writing…

“Encompassing 8 years of Melbourne-based artist Conor O’Brien’s photographic practice, ACP presents his first major survey exhibition. Early works draw on an Australian youth generation anti-aesthetic whereas recent works signal a maturing beyond these roots. In essence, this group is inevitably growing up. Whether the locations are urban or bush, occupied or vacated with friends or acquaintances, there is a recognition of something lost which can be found as you reflect on the significance of the insignificant in the everyday. Both staged and unstaged yet seemingly inconsequential, O’Brien’s images are not forceful, but carefully considered beyond the initial instinctual camera making moment; evolving physically into what he terms ‘objects’ presented as limited edition publications and photographic installations.”

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    Keep on sending out the trays of snacks. They’re delicious. My compliments to the chef.

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