Revelation through Concealment

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Reveal/Conceal No1, 2011, Stretched elastic over board, 38 cm dia.

Opening Wednesday 19 October, 6 – 8pm
Thursday 20 October to Saturday 29 October, 1 – 6pm
At Factory 49, 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville 2204

Revelation through Concealment

The exhibition Revelation through Concealment is concerned with covering up the surface and revealing a new one. Marlene Sarroff‘s work is always strongly influenced by materials and process and this exhibition departs from previous work, only in her change of both the process and the material used.

This new body of work features elasticised material. Elastic, and flexible materials are stretched and wound in a rotating motion around and over the entire circular, square and rectangular shapes. Although the process is repetitive, the finished works develop a surface of random patterning each one individual, and at same time remain a cohesive cluster.

The installation features Wall works and floor stacks, creating a sense of serialisation, with a subtle randomness.

Factory 49
Showroom: 49 Shepherd St, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia 2204
Hours: Thurs – Sat, 1–6 pm (+61) 2 9572 9863

Andrew Frost

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