Anything, Everything and One Other Thing

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From Carrie Miller…

The ‘one other thing’ of the show Anything, Everything and One Other Thing is Tom Polo, one of Australia’s most significant emerging artists. Polo’s not actually in the show, he just put it together. In fact, this exhibition can be seen as an extension of the artist’s own practice which involves creating installations from a series of individual paintings, expressed in terms of the idea of multiple pieces or parts being seen as one. Polo’s pre-occupations with nagging existential anxieties and self-obsessions and his gentle and perverse humour in the face of human failure are also evident in aspects of some of the work.

This is an extraordinarily interesting group of artists whose work actually has a point of view [for a change]. Twenty-four year old Kenny Pittock is certainly one artist to watch, his point of view revealed in this exhibition through the process of work where he photographed his neighbourhood petrol station every day for a year. Sounds familiar? Not when you consider the singular commitment Pittock had to the project and how this became constitutive of the work. When you won’t compromise your daily documentation schedule for the sake of a girl or an attack of appendicitis, you know you’re doing something that you better find meaning in.

Until August 5
Alaska Projects, Kings Cross
Pic: [Courtesy the artist & Alaska Projects]

Carrie Miller

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