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But Wait There's More , Stuff May 14, 2012 10 Comments

Number three in an occasional series highlighting the best of Australian art writing…

“Sutton Gallery is pleased to present Living With Living, a solo exhibition by George Egerton-Warburton. The exhibited works appear as chapters severed from their context, here, in the account of a student that confused social culture with bacterial culture, subsequently becoming a dairy farmer geared toward the production of Greek yoghurt, rather than a disciple of Greek philosophy and poetry of the Roman Empire. Living With Living is the third and final instalment in a trilogy of case studies investigating clandestine autonomy in rural areas. The project is presented as a part of NEXT WAVE Festival 2012, with the support of the Department of Culture and the Arts Western Australia.”

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  1. Carrie Miller

    ‘with the support of the Department of Culture and the Arts Western Australia’. The department of which culture? Agriculture? Anyway, I’m sick of the government funding the arts. This exhibition should have been sponsored by Yoplait.

  2. Frances

    In a society where going viral now defines culture, you can understand the confusion..

  3. MC

    Can you really assign blame for this? It’s exactly the sort of meaningless obscurantist rot they teach in art schools, promote in exhibitions, and academics use in catalogue essays…which artists then continually regurgitate.

  4. Sir Lancelot

    I spend my weekends dressed as a Medieval knight pretend fighting other blokes with swords. My opinion on contemporary art matters.

  5. Carl Marks

    ‘ I’m sick of the government funding the arts;,

    I totally agree

  6. I love “clandestine autonomy in rural areas” … reminds me of “clandestine economies in rural areas”…old hippys growing weed to suppliment an alternative lifestyle

  7. Hutak

    I love a laugh!

  8. TP

    George E-W rules!

  9. From an exhibition statement from the “la Triennale- Intense Proximity” at the Palais deTokyo in Paris today.
    In part “Creation is approached under the perspective of the richness of exchanges, in a context where art appears to be a globalised phenomenon resulting from a complex weaving of relations that transcend geographical distances.” Spiral logic or fluff I believe. Ya gotta laugh

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