Primavera 2012 Artists Announced

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Kate Mitchell, Fall Stack (production still), 2012, 5 channel HD colour video, image courtesy and © the artist.

The line up for this year’s Primavera has been announced today:

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) reveals the seven artists selected for the 21st edition of Primavera, the annual exhibition for Australian artists aged 35 years and under. Primavera 2012 is curated by the MCA’s Anna Davis and brings together the work of Dion Beasley (NT), Benjamin Forster (WA), Anastasia Klose (VIC), Todd McMillan (NSW), Kate Mitchell (NSW), Teho Ropeyan (QLD) and Justine Varga (NSW).

Works range from highly autobiographical performances to more oblique strategies where ‘the self’ is transformed into a fictional persona, represented by an animal, a computer program, the trace of an action or even a pile of nuts. Humour in the face of failure and an acceptance of the comic absurdity of life are other ideas explored in the exhibition as well as themes of darkness and illumination, circular time, the haziness of memory and our ability to conceptually travel through the past, present and future. The works cover a wide range of artistic practices and sensibilities, from drawing, printmaking, film and video, to performance, installation, digital media and photography.

MCA Curator Anna Davis said: ’Last year Primavera physically went out of the Museum context and into The Rocks. This year’s edition is back in the MCA galleries, with a focus on looking inside into imaginary territories, spiritual landscapes and private interior realms. I have selected artists from all over the country and look forward to presenting them to national and international audiences’.

Primavera 2012
Museum of Contemporary Art, October 4 to December 2.

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