BONUS: Hottest Art Couples 2014

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Hottest Art Couples


1. Matthys Gerber and Julie Rrap

When news of this sizzling hot coupling first broke, it was a surprise that made perfect sense. Like Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson before them, Gerber and Rrap are two originals who appear to have finally found each other in the fickle world of art. Both hark back to those glory days when being experimental was cool; here’s to many perfect days in their future.

2David Capra and Teena

No-one is more like an adorable puppy than David Capra except, that is, for his own adorable puppy Teena. The artist’s sausage dog may be named after an incontinence pad, but there’s nothing dried up about their routine. Their intercessionary performances prove that man’s BFF is more than a simple companion – it can help connect us with our higher power if, like Capra, we are just prepared to believe.

3.  Richard Bell and Scott Redford

Don’t be fooled by their macho antics; they might not seem to have much in common, but in a world still obsessed with identity politics, artists like Bell and Redford are more alike than you think.  This was evident when these two loveable loudmouths decided to play footsy under the social media table in a series of hot and heavy public exchanges this year. Observing their coquettish stoushes on Facebook was like watching a game of kissy-chase in the playground. Relationship Status? It’s complicated.

4.  Vasili Kaliman and Jess Johnson

The only hot couple to get hitched in 2013 were this dealer and his artist bride. While this might seem like just another fleeting May-December romance, one has to consider Johnson’s own impressive entrepreunial history with the ARI she is best known for. Which raises the question: Is this a match made in Hell?

5.  Michael Zavros and Alison Kubler

If there’s a list, be sure these two will be on it. With their joint passions for art and fashion, they bring sexy back to all of us lesser beings who don’t know our Dolce and Gabbana from our Deleuze and Guattari.  It’s their art world, we’re just living in it.




BONUS BONUS: Emerging Couples


* Daniel Mudie Cunningham and Elliott Bryce Foulkes

Not only do they both bear triple-barrel names, these A-list hipsters are also lightning-quick with their ironic insights into popular culture. Now that graphic designer Foulkes has launched his career as an artist with a slick solo show at Alaska Projects, the only way is up, baby, for this cool and same-sexy couple. DMC 4 EBF 4EVA TRU.

Penelope Benton and Alex Clapham

Penelope Benton and Alex Clapham are the dynamic duo who co-directed 2013’s Art Month, and staged the best-in-show performance Tableau Vivant at Underbelly in August, just the latest in their stunning series of baroque gastronomic performances. Known simply as P-BAC, the couple make a visually striking team too, with Benton favouring a look via Marceline The Vampire Queen while Alex handles her heavy building adventures with Finn-like aplomb.  They’re a hot emerging couple, because we don’t know!

Andrew Frost


  1. Scott Redford

    Richard you left your best shirt at my place last night. I’ll wash and keep for you. Best S

  2. I am so bored with the epitome of the parochial and the banal!

  3. ‘My comment is awaiting moderation’ – hmmm , not a good sign for this mag!

  4. daniel

    When did snarl become the new banal

  5. Christine Morrow

    Did Jess really marry Basil? I mean really for real???

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