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I close my eyes and feel the flow of the river 1 of 3_WEB

I am lost in Big Blue 2 of 3_WEB

DP 4. I feel as though the great waters weep_WEB

I bring water from a distant spring 2 of 3_WEB

I skate on the thin ice of memory 1 of 3_WEB

4. installation detail  ambient ice drawings on glass_WEB

“This series of limited edition digital prints is entitled LIVING WATER: the ice shivered. Each print comes from a unique ice drawing on glass, ephemeral works continually evolving and transforming until refrozen in a moment of time through digital capture. Through the exploration involved in creating these works I find myself engaged in an intimate and physical partnership with them over a period of time. This poetic transformation of melting ice-water enables me to enter into a meditation and reflection on the relationship and place of my arts practice in my life practice. My diverse art practice encompasses print, drawing, sculpture, installation, artist books and works on paper. Into my investigations I am continually searching for understanding and expression of the paradoxes which arise out of our symbiotic and parasitic relationships with the environment. My interest lies in the intersection and interaction of ideas. My aim is to attempt to unpack the complexities of creation, destruction, memory, fate, inevitability, layers of meaning and layers of materials, all before breakfast…” Annique Goldenberg.

Annique Goldenberg is represented by The Channon Gallery.

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