New Work Friday #144

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Charlotte. The cat's Pyjamas.

Claire. Bunny in a basket

Delphine.Love and Music

Inez and Fifi

Adrienne. My exotic Pony jpg

Millicent. Baby Girl.

Ninette.Texting Time.

Sophie. Wired for sound“Amanda Bromfield’s Rococo Girls are like the Barbie dolls of the French Court of Louis XV and XVI. These were fashionable ladies, extravagant and frivolous – with attitudes to match. Amanda’s imperfect vintage style figurines take a subtle dig at these women. The Rococo period was a time where art embraced the exotic, the playful and the witty. Rococolossal refers to this time in art history where hair, dresses and expenditure were all ‘over the top’. Women competed to set the most outrageous trends and expense was no consideration. The dress or costume is an intrinsic ingredient in Amanda’s work. The dress is Amanda’s metaphor for identity. Identity can be individual or of a society as a whole. In this exhibition Amanda also uses the dress to represent consumption and materialism. The more voluminous and extravagant the costume, the greater the consumption of resources.”

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