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From Andrew Frost

Re-imagining the city has been a concern of artists and architects for as long as the city has been at the centre of human civilization, but it’s a project that has become ever more acute in the coming age of the hyper-city. Running The City is the playful and punning title of an exhibition that presents various strategies for reimaging relationships between individuals and groups and the enforced behaviours of the city environment.

QT_June 14_Running

The most forceful perhaps – at least in title – is Marnix de Nij’s Run, Motherf__kr, Run, a fully immersive environment in which the viewer must run on the world’s largest interactive treadmill [Closes Sunday June 16]. Other works, such as MAP Office’s Runscape, is less physically demanding perhaps but just as conceptually rigorous with its images of metaphorical runners.

Staged as part of ISEA2013 in partnership with the National Institute of Experimental Arts at the College of Fine Arts and Running The City also includes the work of Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba (Vietnam) and Richard Goodwin, Russell Lowe, Volker Kuchelmeister, Brad Miller and Ian McArthur (Australia).

Until July 20
College of Fine Arts, Paddington
Pic: MAP Office (Gutierrez + Portefaix), still from Runscape, 2010, HD video transferred to Blu-ray, colour with sound, 25 minutes.

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