Unstable Parts in an Unfriendly Place

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From Andrew Frost

Featuring the work of Carla Cescon, Tina Havelock Stevens and Clare Milledge, the jauntily titled Unstable Parts in an Unfriendly Place is in effect three solo shows under the one title.

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Cescon’s Atmosphere gives form to the act of premonition using “simulated bodily presence, employing a uniform, light and furniture”. In (Not Just) A One Trick Pony Havelock Stevens continues her recent work in video and music that that “translate drumbeats and music to imagery, rhythm and emotion, developing her own unique language.” In Milledge’s Pyschomagic: Neo-Neo-Dadaist Tactical Response to Total Hogwash the artist has created suit of armor, shield, lance and hobbyhorse using metal from bottle tops, scrap metal, leather and wood. After performing in front of an audience at ICAN, the costume will be exhibited.

In all three mini-shows, each artist experiments with the limits of order: Cescon’s work may disappear leaving on the trace of the materials while a similar act of will informs Milledge’s Quixotic defiance of the total hogwash of reason. In Havelock Stevens videos order is given to video fragments but retain their individual flavour, much like the show itself.

Until December 22
Institute of Contemporary Art, Newtown
Pic: Clare Milledge, Psychomagic: Neo-Neo-Dadaist Tactical Response to Total Hogwash

Andrew Frost

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