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From Andrew Frost

The representation of motion in art is elusive. While we have come to understand various coded visual representations for the relative experience of motion, from vectors in graphic art to the blurred image of film or the photograph, these are abstractions of the subjective visual/emotional experience of either being in motion ourselves or witnessing it from a fixed position.


Airpsace Projects’ group show In Motion features the work of artists Susan Andrews, Allan Giddy, James Nguyen & Yin Lan Soon, Mark Titmarsh and Laura Woodward who engage “…with motion or the idea of motion to reflect on the kinds of change or states of flux experienced in the world today”. Including painting, sculpture and video works the show offers “…a political, social, cultural, philosophical or environmental response – however abstractly or metaphorically conceived – to the change observed.”

The exhibition culminates on November 22 with a projection and performance night from 7.30 to 9.30pm in the otherwise usually quiet Junction Street. There event will be opened by Marrickville Mayor, Councillor Mark Gardener, followed by a Fan demonstration by Master Sue Chang of Tai Chi Fitness Australia.

Until November 22
Airspace Projects, Marrickville
Pic: Laura Woodward, Five (detail), 2014. Mixed media. Image Credit: Jem Selig Freeman.

Andrew Frost

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