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Coppersmith_Yvette_Arrangement in Grey and Yellow with Furby (Melissa & Simon)_Oil on linen_117cm x 153cm_2014

Coppersmith_Yvette_Cuddle Pillow (Anna & Aiden)_Oil on linen_121cm x 91cm_2014

Coppersmith_Yvette_Love Roma (Meredith and Ross), oil on linen_71cm x 56cm_2014

Coppersmith_Yvette_Oriana (Ann & Neil)_Oil on linen_121cm x 91cm_2014

Coppersmith_Yvette_Pranks of Destiny (Justin & Troy)_Oil on linen_51cm x 41cm_2014

Coppersmith_Yvette_Still Life with Guitar that Played for Pavarotti and Two Faces (Yvette & Michael)_Oil on linen_160cm x 234cm_2014

Love Lifes is a series of still life paintings depicting domestic and hand made objects arranged by couples left alone on play dates in Yvette Coppersmith’s studio. Each couple was briefed to bring a selection of objects from their home and arrange them in a way that they both find pleasing to live with. These symbolic acts of negotiation within each creative partnership were left for Coppersmith to paint, and in turn became visual markers of compositional and aesthetic ideals for her to articulate while harnessing the creative energy manifested by and unique to each couple’s arrangement. Love Lifes continues Coppersmith’s interest in collaborative still life painting and follows her series Love and Light, where she painted clay nude models of herself as remembered and sculpted by former lovers. Her news series continues to explore her fascination with love as a collaborative and participatory act. By choosing couples that intrigue her with the creative dynamic of their relationship, Coppersmith draws our attention to the way two people inspire and affirm each other’s creativity and lifestyle within a private space. Inspired to take action during the creative process, Coppersmith downloaded a dating app. By the final week of creating the work for the show, the artist had been on a couple of dates with a new love interest. On their third date, she issued an invitation for a studio play date; concluding her project with a still life depicting the playful composition of their two sets of personal objects meeting for the first time” – Yvette Coppersmith

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