Reactions & Interactions: Spanish New Media

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From Andrew Frost…

Curated by Txema Agiriano, Reactions & Interactions collects together the work five contemporary Spanish artists working in a variety of media, including video pieces, installation and sound works. The curatorial idea is a focus on a theme of dislocation, what the exhibition blurb describes as a process “…forged by unfamiliar surrounds and situations” and the reactions by the artists “…against the unfamiliar and interactions with perceived commonalities”.

QT_April 25_Reaction and Interactions

Pilar Baizan’s video work Discovering The Neighbourhood documents the changing face of San Francisco, a depressed Bilbao neighbourhood traditionally home to the working class, but now a place being slowly transformed by an influx of hipsters and would-be bohemians. The well-known Spanish cartoonist Mauro Entrialgo is represented by From My Windows, a short observational video piece from the series Little Moments of My Life, along with two of his books. Uh513 – artistic collaborators Maria Catellanos and Alberto Valverde – present Chlorophyll 3.0 a piece “…investigates electrical impulses issued by plants as they respond to changes in their external environment” while Daniel Romero’s Generative Music creates music by analyzing the location of buses in the city of Gijon.  As if to show the universality of experience – and performance art –  videos of Jai Du performing pieces inspired be her own poetry translate the Spanish experience to Australian audiences.

Until May 9
Verge Gallery, Sydney University
Pic: Pilar Baizin, Discovering the Neighbourhood.

Andrew Frost

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