The Lightness of Flight

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From Sharne Wolff

For an artist like Mark Rothko painting in colour was thought to express invisible states of mind. A use of colour carefully combined with scale and distance led to a subsequent reaction from the viewer. In her exhibition entitled The Lightness of Flight, artist Suzanne Moss series of paintings of pale luminescent squares and rectangles of colour intend a similar effect.

QT_April 11_The Lightness of Flight

Moss has been painting for over twenty years and currently lectures at the Australian National University.  This exhibition is part of the outcome of her research, which investigates how ‘colour interactions create dynamic illusions of space and light’.  Underpinning this idea is the artist’s interest in spiritual teachings including the meditative intent of Buddhist Mandalas and Jiddu Krishnamurti’s teachings on matters philosophical.

Starting with pencil diagrams Moss repeatedly applies thin layers of acrylic paint to Belgian linen. Although the colour is not so apparent on screen Evening Bliss is a square shaped work with a rectangular composition that includes ‘bands of …cyan blue, lilac, creamy yellow, rose and peach’. Although her selection of hues varies from warm to cool tones in translucent registers, Moss’s choice is crucial. With an emphasis on harmony, balance and the potential of the work to glow and luminesce, a calm restraint in choice of colour, position and the application of paint is necessary to pull off a successful piece. Tricky stuff.

Until May 1
Liverpool Street Gallery, Darlinghurst
Pic: Suzanne Moss, Evening bliss (on the way home), 2012-13 synthetic polymer and colour pencil on Belgian linen 116 x 116 cm. Courtesy the artist and Liverpool Street Gallery.

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