yet there is method

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From Andrew Frost

The difference between science and the irrationality of magic is the scientific method, that “systematic observation, measurement and experimentation – and the formulation, testing and modification – of a hypotheses.” It’s also what sets science apart from the humanities as a field of study, yet the arts are attracted to science as a way of turning a mirror to the cultural biases of the method itself. Put another way, can we be truly objective even when the method is strictly followed?


Sara Morawetz’s yet there is method is part of what the artist describes as part of “…an ongoing visual and philosophical investigation into the methodological processes that underpin scientific action…” that explores “…the way in which the systems and structures of the scientific method have come to define scientific experience, and how these same systems operate within […] artistic practice.” Recalling the work ethic of the deranged writer Jack Torrence in Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining, Morawetz applies repetitive performative actions to produce an outcome that seems to stand in contradiction to the title – sure, there’s a method – but is there also madness? Morawetz will perform in the gallery space throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Until November 15
Culture At Work, Pyrmont
Pic: Sara Morawetz, yet there is method, 2014.

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Andrew Frost

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