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From Sharne Wolff

Art has a long tradition of drawing attention to things that may otherwise pass us by. Offering an opportunity for city dwellers to contemplate the beauty of one of the more remote Australian landscapes, not for profit organisation the Australian Wildlife Conservancy last year supported a journey for 5 artists to the Pungalina Seven-Emu Wildlife Conservation Area. Boasting an area of over 3000km and home to many endangered species of animals and plants, Pungalina Seven-Emu is located on the Gulf of Carpentaria in the catchments of the Calvert and Robinson Rivers. With seven days to explore a range of the region’s large variety of ecosystems Angus Nivison, Euan Macleod, Charmaine Pike, sculptor David Teer and photographer Jason Capobianco worked in the field with resident scientists. For the following 12 months, they returned to their studios to complete work for this show.


Comprising almost 90 works that range from oil on canvas paintings to works on paper and sculpture, the artists have drawn inspiration from their visit to this unique environment. Colour is a leading influence – with bright oranges and luminous pale blues entering Nivison’s often sombre palette in the duos of Pungalina Souvenir and Lake Crocodyllus. Pike’s paintings use bold outline and sharp colour contrasts to depict ancient stromatolite formations while in trademark muted tones punctuated by tropical blues and greens, Macleod employs his everyman and a range of animals to explore their surrounds on foot. Getting closer to the earth, Teer’s colourful and quirky sculptures focus on the unfamiliar forms of the spectacular Gulf landscape.

*The first $40k from the sale of these works will be donated by the galleries and artists to the AWC for ongoing conservation projects.

Until November 8
Defiance Gallery at the Yellow House, Potts Point.
Pic: Euan Macleod Lake Crocodyllus, oil on polyester, 100 x 124cm. Courtesy the artist and Watters Gallery.

Sharne Wolff

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