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Ai Wei

Statement on Painting: Ai wei With Words, Oil on canvas, 93cm W x 40cm H.

“This painting was inspired by my residency in Beijing with Red Gate Gallery in July and August last year. I have a series of paintings growing in this genre which will form part of an exhibition I will be having in July 2015 at Buratti Fine Art Gallery in Subiaco in Perth.

“I am particularly drawn to the Chinese text when used to shout at you from the tops of buildings which it does when you look around in cities like Beijing. I have no idea of what the words mean and don’t want to know because I found when someone would tell me the meanings I lost that artistic connection to them.

“This painting is telling a story of art my love for the visual dynamics of this form of contemporary Chinese advertising and China’s leading contemporary artist Ai weiwei and is literally represented in the title, Ai wei with words.

“You can see more of my art at www.yianniartist.comYianni Johns.

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