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Sarah Park - Spine Tingling

Sarah Park - Shifting skin 1



Sarah Park - Sculpture


Shifting Skin is series of artworks that challenges the stigmas our modern Western society has placed on scars as a taboo feature on the human body. It challenges the contributing factors of the stigma; the social construct that scars are to be pitied, should be hidden from view, are associated with mental trauma or merely deemed an undesirable attribute.

“This art-making process has been conducted through experimental methodological approaches that are the result of studying the the indexical print of my scar. This primarily involved direct acrylic & ink prints and well as recording the ‘sound’ of my scar by running a record player needle across the formation. I related the sound to scrunched paper which became an ideal metaphor for scars, and consequently have produced a series of drawings and sculptures that focuses on challenging visual traditions and taboos by emphasising the corporeality and unique aesthetic of the scarred body” – Sarah Park

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