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Kool Aid @ The Pink Elephant: Starring Jason Robard as Neo Nazi, Gregory Peck as Casino Capitalism and Robert Mitchum as Oldtimey Religion – Acrylic on canvas 130cm x 150cm – Cornelius Delaney 2015

Indignados copy

Los Indignados – Acrylic on canvas 101cm x 101cm – Cornelius Delaney 2015


Jesus At The End Of The World – Acrylic on canvas 101cm x 71cm – Cornelius Delaney 2015

Caca copy

Things Go Better With Caca – Acrylic on canvas – 100cm x 120cm – Cornelius Delaney 2015

“I am currently working in a studio in the south of France but I am originally from Australia. I work everyday in the studio and am looking to make a network and find galleries in which to exhibit in Europe. In Australia I have showed in several cities for the last decade or so. These recent paintings are inspired by current global events, but to cheer myself up a bit I like to give them a touch of magical realism to suggest that all is not lost and there is always the chance of a deus ex machina. My website is if you’d like to see more” – Cornelius Delaney.

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