New Work Friday #193

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Rachael Windress_Me_2013_LR

Rachael Windress, Me, 2013.

Rachael Windress_Future_2011_LR

Rachael Windress, Future, 2011.

Rachael Windress_Dynamism_2013_LR-2

Rachael Windress, Dynamism, 2013.

“Having suffered from lead poisoning, ADHD, learning difficulties, and pyrrole disorder, Rachael Windress has faced her fair share of life challenges. Windress has learned to deal with her society by creating her own immersive worlds. As a fine arts photographer passionate about creating dynamic, nonfigurative, in-camera illusions, Windress is able to explore
imaginary landscapes of her own creation. while momentarily escaping to a different world where my disabilities cannot define me. I want to share these worlds with others and hope to inspire people to try and discover their
says Windress” – Rachael Windress

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