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Merilyn Fairskye, Ground Zero (first Soviet atomic bomb test, 7.00am, 29 August 1949, The Polygon, Kazakhstan) 2015. Pigment print, 92 x 275cms.


Merilyn Fairskye, On the Beach (north-east view, Dungeness Power Station B, Kent U.K.), 2015. Pigment print 92 x 275cms

2020 develops from my work about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident and the resonances of its after-life, which led to questions about official narratives about nuclear energy and the safe containment of nuclear waste. The title alludes to the near future and to the absence of hindsight around all things nuclear. The titles of the works draw on nuclear cinema and identify the location and purpose of each nuclear site. Located in The Polygon, a decommissioned Cold War site, the pond in Ground Zero is where the first Soviet atomic bomb was detonated, launching the nuclear arms race. Dungeness Nuclear Power Station B, in Kent, UK is situated 2 metres above sea-level in a wildlife sanctuary. Built too close to the sea, the plant is protected from sea surges by the man-made shingle defence” – Merilyn Fairskye .

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