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…which brings us suddenly and unexpectedly to the end of the year.

2007 will be, for us, the year that The Art Life made its debut on TV. It was an emotionally tumultuous process, from big ups to low, low downs, from exposing soft underbellies to a hardening of our collective carapace. It was a year of new opportunities , steps in new directions, and of wildly mixed metaphors.

Not just for Christmas…

We’d like to thank our fellow bloggers and friends who helped out with guest blogs while we were away including Margaret Mayhew, Marcus Trimble, Ian Houston, The Artswipe, Sublime-ation, Gary Carsley and the anonymous contributors who reported from Hong Kong, Canberra, Melbourne and other far away places.

Thanks should also go to you, the reader, who has made everything that’s happened in the last four years possible. You keep coming back in your thousands and we will endeavour to keep it real [TM] ..

By the way – we didn’t win the Sydney Morning Herald’s Couch Potato award for Best Art Show. The reader award went to The First Tuesday of The Month Book Club and the critic’s prize went to Marcus Westbury’s Not Quite Art. There’s some consolation that NQA got the award since it was made by the same production company as TAL and the prize could have been so easily won by Painting Australia, so let’s not dwell on potatoes and what we might have done with them. Next year maybe.

We had announced that The Art Life DVD would be available for Xmas. Sadly this has not come to pass due to a strike in the packing plant in Indonesia, something about unsafe working conditions and the price of kerosene. Just as soon as the military has gone in there and broken up the strike we should have DVDs on bookshop and video store shelves in January. We will advise.

Finally, 2008 – what does it hold for The Art Life blog? We are currently in discussions about some exciting options for “growing” the blog into something new, but again, there was a strike in the office [this time by the unpaid American interns who do all the hard work around here] and just as soon as the tear gas clears, we’ll get back to it.

In any event, we will continue to keep you up to date with the results of current poll [ends Sunday!], breaking art news, tidbits from the web and other items over the next few weeks.

We shall return in the new year.

The Art Life

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