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Matthys Gerber

Sydney teenager, 1971…

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The Black Rose

Parke’s is a story told with the camera’s lens…

Primavera 2015

Young people today.

The 50th Portia Geach Memorial Award

Not only relevant, but probably as important as ever…



Art Life , Exhibitions Sep 28, 2015

Kihlman sets up a push-and-pull between the image he depicts and the method he uses to depict it.

Tunnel Vision

Challenging the idea that the frame of an artwork is neither a non-work nor mere ornament, a number of works in Belem Lett’s Tunnel Vision incorporate the frame within the picture.

Other Currents

Each project is a self-contained circuit, making manifest Nicholas Mangan’s interest in mined resources, energetic currents and the ‘physical transformation of a given material to produce energy and therefore effect social change’

Interest Free

As an intervention in the gallery space, Interest Free is critical of the architecture of the art world…

Sealed earth

Durational work often has strict rules, boundaries and projected outcomes, but for Body it seems to be a gentler proposition.

Jude Rae: Paintings and Etchings

Ye olde fire extinguisher