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Regina Wilson | New Work

Taught by her parents and grandparents to weave, the same techniques are now being passed on to Wilson’s children and grandchildren.

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3 in the morning part 2

I see what you did there; here’s how I’d do it my way.

Julia Margaret Cameron

She was a late starter, taking up photography at the age of 48…

Segue/Segway Pt.2

The act of moving without pause, the continuance of progress despite apparent failure.

Total Control

Sound familiar?

Late Heavy Bombardment | Avoiding and Courting Collision

Ideas about love and longing…

Everything must go…

Odd, abandoned and obsolete objects, spaces and figures.

Once Upon A Time…

Nguyen has dissected clocks and reconfigured their mechanisms to create kinetic sculptures that follow the hour hand…

Museum quality

Sadly, Basquiat didn’t make it past his twenties…

Groundwork: From The Archives Up

A chronicle of the unique architectural history of Sydney…