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Paradi$e Bitch

A Bunch of Happy Fantasies

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People Like Us

An exhibition that charts the scale of humanity: the physical, spiritual and emotional variety of our species, to demonstrate that there is no-one like you.

Picture This

Picture This plays with visual synonymy…

Endless Future Terror Forever

Is it possible that aliens exist and know the secret history of life on Earth?

Against a degree of blindness

The materials can articulate their own origins.

Doing Time

If you can’t do the time…

Solid State

An ambitious exhibition that combines the immersive qualities of site-specific work with the complex history of the image.



Art Life , Exhibitions Jul 20, 2015

But can we ever really enter into a truthful correspondence with our past?

Ugly Angry

Ugly angry, hangry…

Wo ist das Leben

Sunlight in her studio.