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Artist Artists

With the increasing “professionalisation” of the art world as thousands of artists stage hundreds of exhibitions around the country, Robert Hollingworth wonders if there’s an alternative to the gloss and pop of the contemporary group show. He takes a drive to Benalla…

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A real pickle

A real pickle

Reviews Jun 28, 2011

No remote required as Andrew Frost visits a trio of new media exhibitions…

Valentino: pants?

Sharne Wolff crosses Brisbane’s bridge of doom to take in the splendor of Valentino and ponder the question that should never be asked of fashion: is it art?

Bad habits

Bad habits

Reviews Jun 04, 2010

Wendy Meares discovers that in McLean Edwards’ work there is much more than meets the eye…

Fly me to the moon?

The Art Life’s senior Melbourne correspondent Din Heagney takes a bold step in to the unknown…

Where we’ve been

In her debut column as The Art Life’s lead art critic Wendy Meares visits Gallery Barry Keldoulis’s gallery and Sally Breen’s Breenspace gallery…



Reviews May 14, 2010

International affairs editor John Kelly reports from County Cork where flood waters conspired to delay the opening of Thingamajig – The secret life of objects

Beyond Richter

Liverpool Street Gallery is pleased to announce Denise Green’s forthcoming solo exhibition, Beyond Richter, which will be on view from 10 April – 6 May 2010. The exhibition will open on Thursday 15 April, 6-8pm by Professor the Honourable Robert

This just in

This just in

Art Life Feb 05, 2010

Just as we posted our roundup of comments from our call for suggestions for influential shows [see below], we received an email from a reader we shall do the favour of calling Sgt. Schultz. Although not exactly what you’d call

And the winner is…

Our call for suggestions for influential and important exhibitions brought in some interesting suggestions. The call was in two parts – you could either vote in the poll at the right of the Art Life home page, or, if you